Clean an infected MS Windows Machine with Ubuntu Antivirus Live Boot CD

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Clean an infected MS Windows Machine with Ubuntu Antivirus Live Boot CD

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 30, 2011 8:24 pm

I've put together a Live Ububntu Cd that can be used to clean an infected Windows machine of malware. It uses the native linux version of Avast antivirus. It also uses the windows Malwarebytes by way of wine ( a windows compatibility layer for linux ).

You can download it here.

It is now automated with popup menus telling you exactly what to do.

The first thing you need to do after running the Live CD is to mount the Windows drive by clicking the "My Computer" icon to open your file manager and then double click your windows drive to mount it. Take note of the location of your windows drive (it will probably be something like /media/disk ).

Next you need to configure wine. Go to the drives tab click add drive then enter your windows location where it says path.

Next you should start avast. This version of avast is a native linux binary and does a great job finding virus's on windows drives. Do an update. Then run a scan on your windows drive.

Next run a scan with Malwarebytes. Update the definitions. Then run a full scan on your windows drive. When the scan is finished remove all malware as instructed.

By this point your drive should be clean. You should shut down the live cd and re-boot windows. After booting back into windows you should install and run Malwarebytes again to check for any leftovers (mainly all you will find now are registry files left over from the virus's and malware that needs to be removed. When running those scans in linux you are unable to remove files from the windows registry. Hence the need to run this scan). Once this scan is complete and you have removed any leftovers you system should now be completely clean and safe to use.

Make sure to check your installed antivirus software before you shut down. Some malware and virus's can delete and/or disable your antivirus software and you may need to either re-enable it or re-install it.



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