Clean an infected computer with Ultimate Boot CD for Windows.

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Clean an infected computer with Ultimate Boot CD for Windows.

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:56 am

I'm sure you've come across a computer that's so heavily infected with malware and virus's that you can't even install software to clean them. That's when a boot cd can come in very handy. And UBCD4Win makes this very simple for you. It's a BartPE CD that has several antimalware/spyware/virus programs installed on it. With this you can scan and clean infected computers getting them clean to the point that you can boot into windows and install and run security software. This is not something you can download. You have to build a UBCD4Win CD yourself by using your windows xp install cd and the UBCD4win builder.

Building the UBCD4Win is fairly straight forward. Copy your XP installation cd to a folder on your hard drive. Then open the UBCD4win builder and select that folder.

Then you just click "Build" and it will build your iso to burn. You can burn this iso with imgburn or other image burning software.

You have the option to customize your cd by adding additional Plugin programs to your cd. I added malwarebytes to my cd as it is one of my preferred tools.

The tools included in the base installation of UBCD4Win that I use the most are SuperAntiSpyware and Antivir.

After you've scanned your infected computer with those you should be able to boot into windows directly and run malwarebytes once more just to clean up any leftovers and to help clean the registry.

Download UBCD4Win here



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